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Health Alliance seeks reversal of state insurance bid (Champaign News-Gazette, June 7) READ 

Illinois Department of Insurance Publishes Civil Unions Guidance for Consumers and Industry --  Effective June 1, 2011, Illinois' Civil Union Law Provides Important New Insurance Benefits. DOWNLOAD fact sheet 


President Peters provides legislative wrap-up (NIU Today, June 2) READ

Tenure approved for 29 WIU faculty (McDonough Voice, June 5

BOT Approves All-Costs Increases -- The Western Illinois University Board of Trustees approved a 4.6 percent increase in all-costs (tuition, fees and room and board) for undergraduate students entering the WIU-Macomb campus in Fall 2011. (WIU News Release, June 3) READ

FY '12 Budget/Cash Flow Update -- WIU President Al Goldfarb: "As always, our priorities continue to be to provide quality academic programs and to support all current employees. The University is not planning furloughs." (WIU News Release, June 2) READ


Graduates face soft job market, pile of debt (Chicago Sun-Times, June 6) READ

Rahm Emanuel Cuts $75M From Chicago Public School System (Education Week, June 6) READ

Unions Accuse Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale of Unfair Labor Practices (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 7) READ

Fewer families invest in prepaid college tuition plan Decline casts doubts over future of troubled Illinois program (Chicago Tribune, June 6) READ

Months late, [Chicago Public Schools] budgets lack raises for teachers (Chicago Tribune, June 6) READ

CPS principals given budgets; 4 percent teacher raises not included (Chicago Sun-Times, Jan. 5) READ

Chicago Public Schools boss tying his pay to ‘student achievement’ (Chicago Sun-Times, June 3) READ

The Money Myth About Public School Teachers -- The notion that teaching in a public school is a low-paying occupation is proving to be a situation of "you get what you pay for." (Progress Illinois, June 3) READ 

Labor Board Rejects Religious Exemption for Saint Xavier U. and Says Adjuncts Can Unionize -- A regional official of the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Saint Xavier University, a Roman Catholic institution in Illinois, is not sufficiently religious to fall outside that agency's jurisdiction, and has cleared the way for the institution's roughly 240 adjunct faculty members to hold a unionization vote. (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 1) READ

COD ousts student newspaper adviser (Daily Herald, June 2) READ


Quinn appoints Chico to head state school board -- Gov. Pat Quinn tapped former mayoral candidate Gery Chico to lead the Illinois State Board of Education, calling the former chairman of city’s public school system “a leader of distinction.” (Chicago Tribune, June 7) READ


"Let's agree on what we agree on (about NCLB) and get that done" - U.S. Sen. Al Franken -- Change is coming from Washington D.C., change that will have an impact on every U.S. public school in the United States. (Education Week, June 6) READ

OPINION: 10 years later: A costly tax cut for rich -- U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky: “A decade of these cuts cost our nation more than $2.5 trillion in lost revenue. Almost 40 percent of the benefits, or about $1 trillion, went to households with incomes above $380,000.” (Chicago Tribune, June 7) READ


Feds tighten for-profit colleges funding rules (Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 6) READ

Another Round  -- Although the long-awaited "gainful employment" rule has now been released, latest Senate hearing on for-profit colleges follows a familiar path. (Inside Higher Ed, June 8) READ

Education Dept. to Provide Limited Relief to For-Profit Colleges on '90/10' Rule -- For the first time, the department will allow some colleges to restrict how much their students borrow to pay for their education.  (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 7) READ

For-profit education companies’ stock up as regulation pared back from early draft (Washington Post, June 2) READ

For-profit colleges may face aid cuts -- House and Senate education committees have been investigating the potential for waste and fraud by for-profit colleges, which the Education Department said account for 12% of enrollments, represent more than 40% of student loan defaulters and receive nearly $9 billion in federal Pell Grants. (USA Today, June 2) READ

For-profit universities: By the numbers -- Just how well do students who attend five of the largest, most well-known for-profit schools in the U.S. do when it comes to repaying their loans? (Hechinger Report, June 2) READ


OPINION: Mad as Hell in California, and Students Should Be, Too -- Why should the best university system in the world be plunged into mediocrity so that a few rich people can skimp on their taxes? (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 5) READ


L.A. Teachers Unions Agree to Temporary Pay Cuts -- If approved by the Board of Education, a recent union vote to approve temporary pay cuts may end up saving many jobs in L.A.'s Unified School District. (Education News, June 7) READ

Vouchers: They're Baaaaaack! (The Nation, June 20) READ

Helping Teachers Help Themselves (New York Times, June 5) READ


Colleges Rewarded for Outcomes, but Which Ones? -- Lawmakers tend to agree that financing ought to reward universities that get the best results, but so far no one can decide whether that means more graduates or something else entirely. (New York Times, June 4) READ
Brain Calisthenics for Abstract Ideas -- Traditional classroom learning is generally rules first, application later. However, researchers are finding that repeated exposure to patterns seems to deepen understanding. (New York Times, June 6) READ

Just Showing Up: Educators Focus on Attendance to Help Students Succeed (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 5) READ


'The Faculty Lounges' -- Former Wall Street Journal writer and editor takes aim at tenure, faculty and other reasons that, she says, "you won't get the college education you paid for." (Inside Higher Ed, June 8) READ

OPINION: Faculty Governance in Idaho (New York Times, June 6) READ


It's a Lonely Life -- You may have a supportive administrator, but, as an adjunct, you rarely have a forum for bouncing ideas off your colleagues. (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 6) READ

From Tenured to Adjunct -- AAUP statement says U. of Louisiana campuses have found dangerous new way to eliminate faculty rights. (Inside Higher Ed, June 7) READ


Supremes Rule Against Stanford -- Court's majority rules that Bayh-Dole law does not give universities and other contractors automatic ownership rights in inventions developed by their researchers. (Inside Higher Ed, June 7) READ


Weingarten's Detroit Visit Spotlights Teacher-Led School (AFT Leadernet, June 7) READ


Striking Red Cross Workers Bring the Fight to Washington (AFT Leadernet, June 6) READ

High on the AAUP's Agenda: Deciding How to Fill a Vacancy at the Top  -- The group will rethink the job description for general secretary before seeking a permanent replacement for Gary Rhoades, who formally resigned. (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 7) READ

OPINION: Brainstorm: For AAUP, the Beginning of an Era -- Gary Rhoades has left the AAUP stronger than he found it, says Marc Bousquet. What can the next generation of faculty leadership do with the organization? (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 7) READ

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